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Better leaders

Better organizations 

A better world

Business Plan

Tackle Your Strategic Challenges

Leadership development for key executives

Creating organizational and community alignment

Improving team alignment and trust

Increasing social impact

Shift from Success to Significance

Improving efficiency and effectiveness for faster growth

Shifting from a position of stasis to a trajectory of positive growth

Futuristic City

Obtain Your Strategic Goals


Executive experience spanning the 5 important pillars of business:

  • Leadership

  • Human Capital

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Operations

  • Finance


Demonstrated history across 65 separate industries and 54 countries. With businesses that range in size from SMB to Enterprise over the past 38 years.

Proven Success

Professionals with successful track records of helping organizations scale. We have done it before and want to continue to make an impact.

Blackened Paper

Obtain Your Strategic Goals

Embossed Paper

About Lance Consulting



At LCI we work together to assist you first and foremost in defining the right metrics that will ensure the success you are looking for. We do so by improving communication in order to understand and implement change along with other critical aspects to grow any business and the individuals who run them. The intention here is to provide value not only from a business perspective but to gain and discover deeper insights for those who are working together to make a difference in the world.

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