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Why Us?

A boutique organizational consulting firm based on three primary principles:

Proven, Profitable, Impactful


I become a team member, working as both a CEO coach and a partner to your management team.

I specialize in organizational development and have a strong understanding of business modeling and strategic planning. I have developed coaching and training skills to enhance personal as well as business growth and development.

As a Vistage Chair I work with three groups of approximately fifteen CEOs. We meet monthly, often with a featured speaker, and I provide monthly one-on-one coaching for the members of the groups. The members of the groups are from Contra Costa County, Monterey, San Francisco, Stockton, Tracy, and Silicon Valley.

Futuristic City

Client Testimonials

"LCI Global Communications provided exactly what we needed and were looking for. They met and exceeded our expectations."

Alfred Redmond, CEO/President, Cellotape, Inc.

"I have had many employees tell me they learned more in two days than they have in five years on how to deal with the Japanese. We feel that this is due in large part to the professional and culturally sensitive approach Lance's team has in their teaching. We will have Lance back many times in the future."

Dave Paulides, H/R Business Partner, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.

"...During today's meeting I kept thinking about how masterfully Lance manages and facilitate the group process. Lance not only listens, but can take notes, keep time, process data, evaluate and intervene all at the same time, This is not an easy task by ANY stretch of the imagination."

Barbara Galli, Galli Associates

"Lance Descourouez and [Vistage] have provided the structure and the discipline to grow my business, to grow professionally and personally, and to meet my goals."

Art Williams, CEO/President, Encompass Northern California

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